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Missing one of the books nominated for a #Eisner award? We’ve got many of them! (at Trickster)
A Jet sketch from “Rust” by creator @RoydenLepp is the Feature of the Day! (at Trickster)
Some new arrivals: East of West #11, East of West v.2, Shutter #1, and Beautiful Scars. #comics (at Trickster)
Easter Basket Perfection! #trickster style! (at Trickster)
The Feature of the Day: the NEW purple “Get Lucky” Beaver from Pidgeon Toys! We get it early! It makes it’s “official” debut at Salt Lake City Comic-Con! #FotD (at Trickster)
The Super Duper Grumpy Bunny Magnet from Kraken Studios (Trevor Howell) is the Feature of the Day! (at Trickster)
Caught some #TRICKSTER love at #ECCC. I knew I loved this show!
More folks arriving to see all the #CCA art! (at Trickster)
#CCA reception begins! (at Trickster)
The Impossible Adventure by James Trujillo for the CCA show opening today! (at Trickster)